No Pretty Face but Empty Headed Content for Us !!! – # 4 of 4

Wow !!!! Look how far we’ve come, baby !!!! Last week we worked on getting our web page shining stars in the decorating department. (see here) And the first week we rocked our “niche” and domain name. (see here) The second week we nailed down our web hosting. (see here) When we made our blog pretty, we looked overRead more

So You Think You Want to be a Blogger ???? – Here’s The Scoop !!!!!

NEWS –  NEWS  – NEWS – NEWS !!!!!!! Now don’t worry if this picture makes absolutely no sense to you, girlfriend. If you stick with our series you will understand it and why this homeowner might not want to become a blogger!! Practically everyone reads blogs now, girlfriend. It might be a news bog, orRead more